Nutrition Consultation
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Nutrition Consultation

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This is all about to get to know you. We will explore your relationship with food, body image and fitness. Thorough assessment of your food, medical history, and lifestyle habits will happen during the first consultation.  We will help you uncover your goals, strengths and weakness, and what success looks like to you. We will give you thorough and personalized feedback. You can also email any questions you have any time during our discovery tour together. This package includes 2 sessions (1 Initial and 1 follow-up consultation).

First consultation

  • 60 min exploration session
  • Comprehensive nutrition, lifestyle, medical assessment
  • Establishing goals
  • Personalized nutrition feedback based on assessment / nutritional diagnosis

Follow-up consultation

  • Email follow-up session to evaluate your progress and make any changes
  • Explanation of health – and – nutrition impact of any medical lab values
  • Simplification of health and medical impact of any body weight values
  • Description of your medical condition in detail and providing advice on how to control it, help prevent it or restore it
  • Clarification of any questions or concerns

Discount on eBook

  • Discount on Nutri-Cise eBook: Mindfulness and Self-Reflection Journal

Email support

As long as we are working together you will receive ongoing support and guidance. We do ask that you make sure that your question is not answered within the material provided. It might be hidden in there so make sure you read everything. We will gladly clarify any questions or concerns you might have.