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Vitality Deluxe Program

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The Vitality Deluxe Program is a 6 month support package, basically the vitality package but on steroids. It is designed to help you achieve your nutritional as well as fitness goals. We will do a comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, exercise and medical habits. This consultation package is for the serious and committed individuals wanting to commit to improved health, fitness and well-being right now. The longer time frame of our buddy accountability system gives you even greater success rates.

Greater success rate is achieved when a lifestyle program is followed together with regular feedback sessions and progress reports. This gives you the ability to be accountable to yourself as well as someone else, allowing for a buddy system. We will re-evaluate your program based on your personal progress. Ongoing support will ensure you stay on track with your personal goals. We will also discuss what we expect of you and what you can expect from us. Sessions typically take place every week, but we can discuss what cadence works best for you.

Family members are welcome to join on one vitality package. Each family member will receive abbreviated plans and an additional 25 USD per extra family member. Children of similar age will only be charged once. If you require a family plan, please email us to find out how we can adjust your unique plan.

This program includes 24 sessions (1 Initial and 23 follow up sessions) during a period of 6 months.

First consultation

  • 60 min exploration session
  • Comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • Complete fitness and exercise assessment
  • Detailed medical history and lifestyle assessment
  • Personalized goal and action steps planning
  • Personalized nutrition feedback based on assessment / nutritional diagnosis
  • Calculation and evaluation of body composition values
  • Provision of detailed current intake and macronutrient values
  • Growth patterns (children < 18 yr)
  • Nutritional implications of laboratory values
  • Practical worksheets to improve current health and wellness
  • Personalized meal plan
  • Personalized fitness and exercise plan

Follow-up consultation

  • 23 weekly follow up sessions
  • Sessions are broken down into email feedback and 4 Skype sessions (15 – 20 min)
  • 11 adjusted exercise plans based on your progress
  • Adjusted meal plan based on feedback session and progress
  • Comprehensive information and practical advice based on progress
  • Tracking of body composition and goals
  • Detailed feedback regarding all values and implications on health, wellness and body composition
  • Highly individualized feedback sessions
  • Clarification of any questions or concerns
  • Weekly nutrition information and guidelines as well as practical tips such as meal prepping, food labelling, dining out etc.
  • Comprehensive action steps in attaining goals
  • Weekly worksheets to help you stay on track
  • We help you cultivate a healthy relationship with food, fitness, body weight.


  • Free Nutri-Cise eBook: Mindfulness and Self-Reflection Journal
  • Discounts on Nutri-Cise Hub products when referring a friend
  • Your friend receives a discount when they sign up because of your referral
  • Free work sheets provided after each session to help you stay on track

Unlimited email support

As long as we are working together you will receive ongoing support and guidance. We do ask that you make sure that your question is not answered within the material provided. It might be hidden in there so make sure you read everything. We will gladly clarify any questions or concerns you might have at any time during our time together.